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Journal Club

Members of the program will join the Education and Cognition Journal Club. The weekly meetings run in the Fall and Winter terms, and draw researchers, educators, faculty, staff, and students from on and off-campus (through online video connection). In a typical meeting, we have representatives joining us online from several campuses to complement the in-person cohort to engage in lively discussions about assigned journal article readings connecting research on education and cognition to applications in education, training and policy.

The journal club is attended by researchers at McMaster, other universities across Canada and the US as well as community members and educators. In the journal club meetings, we will discuss the utility of the papers and how we can employ the techniques in our classrooms.

All are welcome to both terms of the Journal Club. The aim of both semesters is the same – how can we inform our own teaching practices using evidence-based strategies.

Information Box Group

Fall 2023

Introduction-level readings to introduce postdoctoral fellows to the field of Education Cognition. The readings are designed to showcase core concepts and ideas in the field. Papers will be easy to read and will not require any background in Psychology.


Winter 2024

More advanced readings looking at new, cutting-edge research in the field of Education Cognition. These readings will require some knowledge of the field (the Fall term will suffice), and we will dissect the theories, methods, results and conclusions from the papers.


Through two semesters of participation, Members will gain a solid foundation in essential and applied readings in Education and Cognition to pursue discipline-based education research (DBER) projects and influence policy under the supervision of a faculty member.

Fall 2023 – Intro To EdCog

Date Reading
September 20 Freeman, S., Eddy, S. L., McDonough, M., Smith, M. K., Okoroafor, N., Jordt, H., & Wenderoth, M. P. (2014). Active learning increases student performance in science, engineering, and mathematics. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences – PNAS, 111(23), 8410–8415.
October 4 Robinson, K. A., Lee, S. Y., Friedman, S., Christians, E., McKeague, M., Pavelka, L., & Sirjoosingh, P. (2022). “You know what, I can do this”: Heterogeneous joint trajectories of expectancy for success and attainment value in chemistry. Contemporary Educational Psychology, 69, 102055.
October 18 McDermott, K. B., Agarwal, P. K., D’Antonio, L., Roediger, H. L. III, & McDaniel, M. A. (2014). Both multiple-choice and short-answer quizzes enhance later exam performance in middle and high school classes. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, 20(1), 3–21.
November 1 Brady, S. T., Hard, B. M., & Gross, J. J. (2018). Reappraising test anxiety increases academic performance of first-year college students. Journal of Educational Psychology, 110(3), 395.
November 15 Pan, S.C., Sana, F., Samani, J., Cooke, J., & Kim J.A. (2020) Learning from errors: students’ and instructors’ practices, attitudes, and beliefs. Memory, 28:9, 1105-1122.
November 29 Bozeman, R., Mallett, R. K., Mitchell, L., & Tindale, R. S. (2023). May we take the test as a group? Examining group processes and member learning in a collaborative testing environment. Active Learning in Higher Education, 0(0).


Winter 2024


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